WCB08 Accepted Papers

  1. Sylvain Soliman. Finding minimal P/T-invariants as a CSP
  2. Raffaele Cipriano, Alessandro Dal Palu', Agostino Dovier. A hybrid approach mixing local search and constraint programming applied to the protein structure prediction problem
  3. Antonio Morgado and Joao Marques-Silva. A Pseudo-Boolean Solution to the Maximum Quartet
  4. Ana Graca, Joao Marques-Silva, Ines Lynce, and Arlindo L. Oliveira. Generic ILP vs Specialized 0-1 ILP for Haplotype Inference
  5. Damien Eveillard, Jonathan Fromentin, Olivier Roux. Investigating Gene Regulatory Networks Qualitative Properties using Constraints Programming
  6. Corinna Brinkmann and Alexander Bockmayr. A constraint-based approach to the phase problem in X-ray crystallography
  7. Guillermo Rodrigo, Javier Carrera, and Alfonso Jaramillo Combinatorial Optimisation to Design Gene Regulatory Networks
  8. Philippe Veber, Sven Thiele, Martin Gebser, B. Usadel, and T. Schaub. Detecting inconsistencies in large influence networks with Answer Set Programming
  9. Luca Di Gaspero, Andrea Roli. Stochastic local search for large-scale instances of the Haplotype Inference Problem by Parsimony